A dramatic juxtaposition of old and new, Madrina anchors the central square through one of its most iconic Victorian industrial buildings infused with Barcelona’s vibrancy, Studio Munge’s  bold design inspires a sense of discovery, as patrons embark into a world energized by various shades of amber, cinnamon, and terracotta, that dance across contrasting materials and geometric floors.

Inspired by the smooth curvatures in Spanish architecture, layered mahogany arches frame the expansive bar and expose the open-kitchen as the beat and pulse of the dining experience serving modern interpretations of classic Iberian tapas. Fronted by handmade fluted terracotta tiles, the 37- foot bar serves cocktails and traditional tapas atop an expressive stone of swirling dark burgundies, creams, and golden hues. In true Catalan fashion, the bar features a Spanish style glass display enticing each guest with traditional cold bar delicacies. Beside the bar, a glass wine cabinet hugs a century-old grain mill marrying the Past and the Present.

Translated from Spanish, Madrina is the whimsical and spirited godmother you always wish you had. Capturing her playful demeanor, contemporary artisans Eny Parker Lee and Mattea Perrotta  were commissioned by GZ International to create unique artifacts throughout the restaurant. Complementing the soft screened arches, copper shelving hosts Eny’s custom collection of terracotta pottery in various matte finishes and unexpected forms, while Mattea’s minimalist abstract paintings line Madrina’s original limestone brick.

Recreating the dynamic atmospheres of Barcelona’s boardwalks, the restaurant expands into the sun with a lush terraza framed by custom laser cut metal banquettes and bar stools in a soulful burnt spice finish. Fueling the excitement of the surrounding local and visiting Distillery crowds, Studio Munge created an active outdoor cocina and bar. As patrons satisfy their thirst from the bar, onlookers can enjoy a menu of fire roasted bites as they wander by.

Honouring the building’s historic roots, the heritage walls composed of century old stone create a sense of place while rooting the venue in generations of traditional Spanish cuisine. Alongside Studio Munge designed Cluny  and El Catrin, Madrina ignites passion and adventure, further defining the once deserted Distillery Historic District as a world-class bustling culinary destination.



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